Mussoorie Writers was founded in 2005 with the objective of celebrating Mussoorie’s literary heritage and encouraging an interest in books and natural history.  In collaboration with the Hanifl Centre for Outdoor and Environmental Study at Woodstock School, Mussoorie Writers is committed to focusing attention on the Himalayas, as a source of inspiration and inquiry, for authors and readers from India and abroad.

Over the past ten years, Mussoorie Writers has organized seven Mountain Festivals, which have brought together more than 150 eminent authors, artists, mountaineers, conservationists, musicians, scholars and filmmakers. Talks, readings, exhibitions and performances during the festivals are open to students, teachers and the general public.

Mussoorie Writers has helped position and promote Woodstock School and the Hanifl Centre as institutions that focus attention on the Himalayan region and further an understanding of mountain culture, exploration and ecology.

The Mussoorie Writers’ Mountain Festival has established itself as a unique event that serves the Mussoorie community and brings hundreds of visitors to the town.  This three-day festival provides an opportunity for students, teachers and mountain enthusiasts to interact with leading figures in Himalayan literature, exploration, adventure and the arts.  

Mussoorie Writers is an independent entity dedicated to constantly reinventing itself in order to advocate creativity and conservation.  We will continue to evolve as a vehicle for literary discourse, artistic expression and environmental action by sponsoring workshops, residencies, on-line resources, publications and films.


Founding Director

Stephen Alter is Founding Director of Mussoorie Writers.  Following the Seventh Mussoorie Writers Mountain Festival in 2015, he has stepped down as Festival Director but continues to serve as an

Mussoorie Writers gratefully acknowledges support from Woodstock School, Friends of Woodstock School Foundation, The Paul and Suzanne Hanifl Foundation, and Winterline Foundation.