Deki: The Adventures of a Dog and a Boy in Tibet by George Schaller correctly asserts that “a dog can lead you into the corners of some stories better than any human can.” Deki is a Tibetan mastiff “born with a moon on her black chest.” Along with her friends, Tashi and Changku the wolf, Deki befriends a runaway boy, Karma. In the midst of the beauty and the cruelty of the vast Tibetan plateau, Karma and Deki must protect a valuable statue from a dangerous bandit and move towards the celestial city of Shambhala.

Schaller weaves a story that moves with the “clouds, wild winds and seasons” and is full of the richness of emotion associated with friendships, farewells, the heavy, fulfilling relationship between man and animal and the mystery that is Tibet. While Schaller’s imagining of Deki is undeniably anthropomorphic, this does not detract from the charm of her character. This book is a triumph on many counts, not the least of them being the delightful illustrations by Gyurmey Dorjee.

– From The Telegraph, Kolkata