Mussoorie and the Nag Tibba Range

This map is designed to be used by students, teachers and visitors to Mussoorie.  Exploring the Himalaya can be as adventurous as climbing a mountain or as simple as stepping outdoors.  Whether you go trekking for several weeks or take a short morning walk, there is always something new to be discovered along your path.  It could be a leaf or a bird, a fern or a flower, or the view of a distant summit.  Wherever you explore make sure that you protect the environment and leave nature as you found it.


Hanifl Centre’s Explorers Map (Front Side)

Hanifl Centre’s Explorers Map (Back Side)

Published by the Hanifl Centre for Outdoor Education and Environmental Study at Woodstock School

  • Design by archi
  • Artwork by students of Woodstock School
  • Text by Stephen Alter