Moths were monitored in the Hanifl Centre and Oakville using mercury vapour lamps. The results so far are encouraging. Several hawkmoths previously unreported from Mussoorie have been found, supporting the hypothesis that these moths have extended their range westward along the Himalaya during the second half of the 20th century.

Besides this, a collection of over 350 insect species has been built and housed in the Hanifl Centre, of which a number are new records for Mussoorie and Garhwal. This will be published and serve as important base line data for future studies of the area’s biodiversity. At least one moth is new to science. This will be described and named in due course.

Regular observations were undertaken by Sindhu Ramachandran Clark of the Hanifl Centre. These were supplemented by visits by Peter Smetacek and Rajashree Bhuyan of the Butterfly Research Centre, Bhimtal.

This project was supported by the Hanifl Centre for Outdoor Education and Environmental Study at Woodstock School and Mussoorie Writers, with funds from Winterline Foundation.

– Photographs by Sindhu Clark