Noted historian and author Surendra Pundeer has compiled a comprehensive history of Jaunpur, a distinct region of Garhwal that lies immediately to the west and north of Mussoorie.  Bordered by the Yamuna River on one side and including the watershed of the Aglar River, Jaunpur is mostly made up of small villages and settlements along the Nag Tibba ridge.

Surendra Pundeer’s book includes sections on folklore, historical traditions, social customs, agriculture, religious rites and festivals.  Being a resident of Jaunpur himself, he gives a first hand account of the geography and political dynamics of an area that was once the most remote district of Tehri Garhwal State, with unique traditions like the Maun Mela, a fishing festival that occurs each summer along the Aglar River.


This book is generously illustrated with line drawings and photographs. Surendra Pundeer’s earlier book was Gods of Jaunpur, which has been translated into English. Copies are available at Himalaya Haat on Mullingar and through Samay Sakshya publishers.