Lynsdale Raj

by Hugh and Colleen Gantzer

India is a magnet.  Its allure has reached, across time and space, in the genes of the British royal family: the infant Prince George had an Indian ancestress.

This should have been expected.  India’s legendary riches, culture and mystique drew people from all over Europe, all walks of life.  Some came, made their fortunes, and returned to their cold lands, nursing their gout and their memories of the days when they were Nabobs in the cosseting warmth of India.

These were the Exploiters.

Others came, fell in love with our country and its people and made India their home.  Many, like the Skinners and the Herseys, were born leaders and the regiments they created are a proud part of our Army’s great martial heritage today.  Then there were those trail-blazing adventurers like “Pahari” Wilson of Harsil and “Sumuru” of Sardhana who carved out their own little kingdoms as the Rajputs and other warriors had before them.  All of them added their genes and their mores to the evolving mosaic of our land.

These were the Enrichers.

This is the story of the loves and lives, the tragedies and triumphs of such an iconic family and its vicious royal relatives.  The similarity between the Indian Armenian connection of the Royal Windsors of London’s Windsor Castle and that of the Himalayan Lynsdale Raj, is striking …

– Published by Nyogi Books India